Office Hours:

Normal refuse pickup for the Town is every Wednesday between 6:30am and 6:00pm.
The following is a list of holidays affecting your pick-up date:

Memorial Day – May 25th (Thursday, May 28th)
Independence Day-  the normal day  (Wednesday, July 7th)
Labor Day – September 7th (Thursday, September 10th)


Phone: (716) 652-0589 Ext #2
E-mail: walestaxmindy@aol.com

Recycling Guide:

  • Paper, plastic, metal and cans are recyclable materials. Please call the Refuse Clerk if you need recycling bins or have questions about recycling.
  • The Town now allows one (1) large bulk item to be put out per week all year long. This would include a refrigerator, stove, washer, etc.
  • All acceptable solid waste shall be placed within 5 ft. of the street edge or curb by 6:30am on the street adjoining the premises and in no more than 4 water tight 30 gal. containers with handles or 4 water tight plastic bags. Private road residents must bring their waste to the road adjacent to their property.


Refuse District Exemption Form
Provisions are available for seasonal residents. Exemptions are for 3-consecutive month increments in the same year. Applications may be picked up at the Town Hall. Seasonal exemptions are now being accepted for next year. They must be received no later than September 1st of this year or they will not be honored.

Hazardous Materials:

Please call the Erie County Household Hazardous Waste hotline number at (716) 858-6800 for current dates and locations of the next dropoff point.