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2020 Wales Final Roll Totals

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Prescription Drug Drop-Off Boxes are now located in the lobby of the Town Hall during normal business hours for drop-off of unwanted prescription drugs, needles and syringes

  • Town of Wales Bicentennial apparel and books are available for sale at Town Hall.  Books $10.00, ball caps $6.00   

SUP Application for the Broadway Group LLC (Dollar General in S.Wales)

6401 Olean Road, Town of Wales Parcel ID No. 201.16-2-5 -Project Site 1

Exhibit G – Stormwater Pollution Prevention SWPPP

The November 24th Town Board Workshop in Cancelled

Town of Wales Declaration of a local State of Emergency

Wales Declaration of local State of Emergency

Covid-19 Websites & Resources

Source Water Protection Plan presentation by Steven Winkley

Wales NYRWA 040919Water study presentation all about NYRWA Wales Drinking Water Protection033116_notes (1)


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