Court Sessions 

Every Thursday @ 7:00 PM unless notified by the court. Criminal Court (Misdemeanor Charges)

Third Thursday of the month. Vehicle & Traffic Violations, Town Codes, Penal Law Violations

Last Thursday of the month unless notified otherwise.

Should a month have a 5th Thursday, COURT WILL NOT BE IN SESSION

Money orders, bank certified checks, cash, and master charge/visa are accepted. Payment must be made in US Funds. We do not accept personal checks. Payment is expected the night of court appearance. Money orders and bank certified checks should be made payable to Wales Town Court.


If you receive a traffic ticket and wish to enter your plea by mail, you can do so by filling in the appropriate plea section on your ticket and mailing your ticket to the Court. NOTE– Entering your plea by mail is allowed only when you are charged with a traffic VIOLATION. If you are charged with a MISDEMEANOR or FELONY, you must appear in person on the date directed on your ticket to enter your plea.

  • Guilty Plea If you plead Guilty, the Judge will assess your fine(s) and surcharge(s) and you will receive a fine notice by mail. It may take two to three weeks to receive your fine notice.
  • Not Guilty Plea If you plead Not Guilty, the Court will schedule a conference with you and the Town Prosecutor. You will be notified by mail of your appearance date. IMPORTANT – If you mail in a Not Guilty Plea, you do not need to appear in Court on the date noted on your ticket unless the Court notice mailed to you states the same date.

Small Claims Filings

Applications to file a small claim are available at the Court or on line under “Forms”. Small claim proceedings may be brought by an individual against anyone who resides in or owns a business in the the Town of Wales. The maximum claim allowed is $3,000. The filing fee is $10 for claims between $1 and $1,000; the filing fee is $15 for claims between $1,001 and $3,000. Applications will not be accepted unless accompanied by filing fee payment. Small claim filings are accepted by appointment.The Court Clerk “IS NOT PERMITTED” to give legal advise.  Application for Small claims


The Court Clerk IS NOT PERMITTED to give legal advise.

Wales Town Court Town Justice

Raymond Poliseno Town Justice
Howard Lobaugh Town Justice

Court Clerk
Christa Dake

Phone:    716-652-3320
Fax:   716-652-3310

Mail to: WALES TOWN COURT, P.O. Box 286, South Wales, NY, 14139
Wales Memorial Bldg., 11006 Emery Road, South Wales, NY (off of Rt. 16/Olean Road)

Please Note

The Court does not have set office hours.  You may either call the number listed above or email at the address listed above.  There will be a response to your call/email.